Don't stop me

from by JM

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I’m startin rockin’ outside, I’m fillin’ my needs
I need a different crowd everynight I know what I’m gonna be
this is the only thing that’s missing to be
playing everynight for some pubs overseas
I’m dreaming this, songs are the hell I got inside of me
singing blows out the fire it get’s me drowning in my flames, chill!
it’s never gonna happen anymore, never been more sure
I know what the world expect by my call
yo, dreams come true when you become your truth
this is up to you, dude

Yeah, anything’s gonna stop me
yeah, except see you coming

Ain’t no God, maybe
do you love me? Lady
Be my baby, Nada
She’s on fire, running!
You know I don’t remember what were talking about
These girls.. get you out of the world
I was born, I grew up with dreams and goals
I’m proud of me I don’t betray my feelings!
You can’t stop me, nono
I’m myself, better
put your hands up, sing it
don’t even try to think this shit is gonna end!

Yeah, anything’s gonna stop me
yeah, except see you coming

Sometimes you wanna give up, leave your way and your life
Don’t! ‘Cause you’ll live your life wasting your time
don’t get so wrong ‘cause you’ll be loosing your mind
you’d fall so deep when you could be the king!
if you aim to get found on the net when you google your name
this means what you really need it’s just living the fame
and if you do, what you do only to get, I got
your name gotta be found on loosers(dot)com
you’ll be unsuccessful even if you’ll make it
‘cause passion don’t need any fucking praises

Yeah, anything’s gonna stop me
yeah, except see you coming

Well I’m not giving a fuck, no
you know that the fact is
nobody can stop me, nobody can love me
the goodness is that God tought me how to rock
blessin me, givin me a fucking reason to show


from Born on Five, released May 11, 2016
produced by JM/JAPrecords
recorded, mixed and mastered by Federico Brizi
at JAP Perù Studios - Perugia

music and lyrics by Matteo Fioriti aka JM
photo Uliana Piro©
graphics and communication by madD.©

Daniele Ghiandoni (electric guitar and piano)
Marco Zitoli (bass)
Andrea Spigarelli (drums and percussions)
Maria Siliva "Esme" Spigarelli (feat on "i don't wanna leave you alone")
Maria Teresa Tanzilli (chorus on "Let's Dance" and "Drunk of love")




all rights reserved


JM Gualdo Tadino, Italy

18, songwriter

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